Fantasy Colors

Beautiful shades and trendy color combinations

Fantasy Colors

Fantasy Colors are direct colors full of intense pigment. Selection contains 24 beautiful colors that can be also mixed together. With Fantasy Colors you can easily create magnificent tones and trendy combinations giving hair a new dimension without damaging the hair.

Intensive result with zero damage

Fantasy Colors’ conditioning elements leaves your hair shiny and beautiful. Fantasy Colors are 100% vegan, without silicone and they have not been tested on animals. Products do not contain ammonia or oxidizer, so they are gentle to your hair. Fantasy Colors are suitable for all hair types. The best and the brightest results are achieved by applying Fantasy Color to hair that has been lightened to a pure blond. The color lasts up to 8-15 washes, depending on your hair type.

Crestol Fantasy Colors
Crestol Fantasy Colors

Why to choose Fantasy Color?


Spread evenly to clean, towel dry hair or dry hair.
Comb and leave in for 15-25 minutes. The longer duration of action, the deeper and longer lasting result. You can shorten duration of action by using heat. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use protective gloves while coloring and protect the working area.

Fantasy Colors

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