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Oy Crestol Ab

We are a Finnish hair cosmetics company and have been serving hair industry professionals since 1976. Our company’s cornerstones have always been top-quality products, honest and reliable customer service, and competitive prices. Our product development and selection have always been inspired by the ideas, needs, and wishes of hair industry professionals.

For decades our most well-known brand has been Color Gloss, which is a registered trademark. In 1990, Color Gloss gained new recognition among hair industry professionals and consumers when we launched tinted hair masks. They are still our best-selling products. In 1995 we introduced Color Gloss Fantasy direct colors, which are still one of the most pigment-rich direct color series on the market. We can proudly say that we have been pioneers in tinted hair masks and direct colors. All Color Gloss products are vegan, silicone-free, sulfate-free, and not tested on animals. Our products are manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which ensures the high quality of our products.


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